9+Best AI Content Detectors | Free & Premium Tools Compared

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As a website owner, it is vital to check the validity and quality of the content published on your numerous websites. With the growth of AI technology, content identification has become easier than ever before.

In this blog, we will review the top 10 Best AI Content Detectors available in the market today. We will explore their features, benefits and cons, and address some frequently asked issues to assist you choose the best content detector for your purposes.

Best AI Content Detectors in 2023

No Tool Details Accuracy Rating Free or Paid
1 Writer Detecting AI-generated content High 4.8/5 Paid
2 Originality.ai It detects LLM-generated text using machine learning High 4.7/5 Paid
3 Sapling.ai Detects LLM-generated text using a trained transformer model High 4.7/5 Free/Paid
4 GLTR detects AI-generated text by analyzing visual patterns High 4.6/5 Free
5 Content Detectors Detecting AI-generated content from various sources High 4.5/5 Free
6 Crossplag Detecting plagiarism and paraphrasing in academic texts High 4.4/5 Paid
7 Copyleaks detects also plagiarized text from other sources High 4.3/5 Paid
8 Winston AI identifies AI- content through linguistic analysis and human validation Medium 4.2/5 Paid
9 Content at Scale  Detecting if your content is scalable, relevant and engaging for your audience Medium 4.2/5 Paid
10 Kazan SEO cloud-based tool that uses machine learning Medium 4.1/5 Free


1. Writer

Using the Writer AI content detector✍️ is straightforward. You may simply copy and paste your text into the programme, which will then examine the content for any indicators of AI-generated writing. The programme delivers a percentage score indicating the possibility that the text is AI-generated.

While the Writer AI content detector improves simplicity and accessibility, it is not infallible. It can occasionally make errors and struggle to discern between AI-generated and human-generated content that strongly resemble each other. Nevertheless, it can serve as a solid choice for basic content moderation jobs.


  • Ease of use ⚙️: The Writer AI content detector is a web-based application that can be utilized instantaneously without the requirement for downloads or installs.
  • Free 💲: The utility is offered for free, allowing users to evaluate its functionality without incurring any fees.
  • Accuracy ✅: The Writer AI content detector has shown accuracy in recognizing AI-generated work.


  • Reliability ⚠️: The tool may occasionally make mistakes and have difficulty in separating AI-generated content from substantially similar human-generated language.
  • Limited power ⚡: Compared to other AI content detectors, the Writer AI content detector may be less strong. However, it still functions as a good alternative for basic content moderation purposes.


Q: How does the Writer AI content detector differ from other AI content detectors?

A: The Writer AI content detector depends on rule-based techniques to recognize AI-generated content, but other detectors may employ various methods, such as machine learning-based approaches.

Q: What are the limitations of the Writer AI content detector?

A: The Writer AI content detector is not flawless and may occasionally misunderstand content, particularly when differentiating between substantially similar AI-generated and human-generated material. Additionally, it may not possess the same amount of capability as some other AI content detectors.

Q: Is the Writer AI content detector free to use?

A: Yes, the Writer AI content detector is free to use. You can access it directly on their website at Writer.com.

2. Originality.ai

🔍 Originality.ai Content Detector: Identifying and Protecting Against AI-Generated Content 🔒

The Originality.ai Content Detector is a fantastic tool meant to recognize AI-generated content. Leveraging deep learning techniques, this AI-powered content detector leverages a neural network trained on a varied dataset comprising both AI-generated and human-generated content. By understanding the intricacies and discrepancies between these two content kinds, it enables reliable detection. 🤖✅

Key Strengths 🌟

  • Accuracy and Speed: One of the primary characteristics of Originality.ai Content Detector rests in its outstanding accuracy. Through thorough testing, it has proven to be highly proficient in distinguishing AI-generated content with a remarkable degree of precision. Moreover, this tool functions fast, enabling the rapid scanning and analysis of text. This makes it an outstanding alternative for efficient and effective large-scale content moderation. 💯⚡
  • Paraphrased Material Detection: Originality.ai Content Detector goes beyond identifying AI-generated material alone. It also possesses the power to recognize paraphrased text. Paraphrased content refers to literature that has been reworded from an original source while yet preserving the same ideas and information. By detecting paraphrased information as a sort of AI-generated content, this solution provides comprehensive protection against plagiarism. 📝🔍

Features of Originality.ai Content Detector 📋

  • Accuracy: Originality.ai Content Detector displays great accuracy in recognizing AI-generated material. ✅
  • Speed: The tool’s quick scanning and analysis capabilities are perfect for large-scale content moderation. ⚡
  • AI-Generated and Paraphrased Content Detection: Originality.ai Content Detector recognizes both AI-generated content and paraphrased content. 🤖📝
  • User-Friendly: Originality.ai Content Detector is a web-based tool, allowing quick accessibility without requiring downloads or installations. 🌐💻

Limitations of Originality.ai Content Detector ⚠️

  • Imperfect Accuracy: Occasionally, Originality.ai Content Detector may produce errors due to the limits of the training dataset it relies upon.
  • Processing Time for Large Texts: Processing huge volumes of text can slow down the analysis while the neural network processes word by word.
  • Language Support: Presently, Originality.ai Content Detector is available only in English, with hopes to increase language support in the future.

FAQs about Originality.ai Content Detector

Q: How does Originality.ai Content Detector differ from other AI content detectors?

A: Originality.ai Content Detector offers a deep learning-based approach leveraging a neural network to recognize AI-generated material, distinguishing it from other AI content detectors that may use rule-based or machine learning techniques.

Q: What are the limitations of Originality.ai Content Detector?

A: Originality.ai Content Detector may occasionally make mistakes and struggle to discern between highly similar AI-generated and human-generated material. Furthermore, analyzing vast amounts of text can impair the pace of analysis.

Q: Is Originality.ai Content Detector free to use?

A:No, Originality.ai Content Detector offers $0.01/100 Words Scanned.

Originality.ai Content Detector delivers a strong, accurate, and user-friendly solution for recognizing AI-generated content. With its free usage option, it gives an opportunity to sample its potential without any

3. Sapling.ai

The Sapling.ai Content Detector is a machine learning system designed to identify text generated by large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3.5 or ChatGPT. By assigning a probability to each word or token in the input text, the detector decides whether it was AI-generated or not. Both the entire text and individual sentences are visibly shown with their relative probability.

This tool is freely accessible to everyone, giving a web app and an API for integration into other programmes.


  • Free to use: Sapling.ai Content Detector is accessible to all users at no cost.
  • Easy to use: The interface is straightforward, guaranteeing even non-technical people may operate it effortlessly.
  • Accurate: The detector exhibits a noteworthy level of accuracy in distinguishing AI-generated text.
  • Fast: Text analysis is completed fast, making it suited for processing big texts.


  • Text limit: The free version of the detector has a 500-word limitation.
  • Not perfect: Occasionally, the detector may wrongly classify human-written content as AI-generated or vice versa.
  • Not all-inclusive: Certain sorts of AI-generated text may avoid discovery.


Q: How does Sapling.ai Content Detector work?

A: Sapling.ai Content Detector leverages machine learning to recognize AI-generated text. It scans text for patterns often found in such content, such as repeating words or improper language usage.

Q: What forms of AI-generated text can Sapling.ai Content Detector detect?

A: Sapling.ai Content Detector can recognize text generated by models like GPT-3, ChatGPT, and other large language models. However, it may not detect all variations of AI-generated text.

Q: How accurate is Sapling.ai Content Detector?

A: The precision of Sapling.ai Content Detector differs depending on the evaluated text. Generally, it works well in recognizing AI-generated content. However, occasional misclassifications of human-written text or AI-generated language can occur.

Q: How can I utilize Sapling.ai Content Detector?

A: Sapling.ai Content Detector can be accessed as a web app or via an API. To use the web app, paste the necessary text into the given text field and click the “Detect” button. For API usage, an account must be set up, and an API key obtained.

Sapling.ai Content Detector provides a valuable tool for identifying AI-generated text. With its ease of use, accuracy, and accessibility, it serves as a reliable resource in content analysis and moderation.

4. GLTR 

GLTR is a free tool developed by the MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and Harvard NLP to detect AI-written text. It focuses on comparing the language patterns of a given text to those created by GPT-2 117M, a huge language model by OpenAI. GLTR highlights the most likely AI-generated words in green, followed by yellow and red, while the remainder words show in purple.

This programme helps identify false reviews, comments, or news articles created by huge language models. These models can write language that appears indistinguishable from human-written content to non-experts. GLTR can also distinguish AI-generated content that has been altered to sound more human-like.

Although GLTR is not flawless and may sometimes create false positives, it is important for recognising AI-generated content and managing associated hazards for businesses and individuals.

Benefits of utilising GLTR

  • Free and user-friendly tool: GLTR is a user-friendly web tool that is freely accessible to everyone.
  • Accurate at recognising AI-generated content: GLTR effectively detects AI-generated words and provides color-highlighted indications of their likelihood.
  • Identifies AI-generated content that has been altered: GLTR is capable of recognizing AI-generated content that has been modified to appear more human-like.
  • Helps defend against hazards linked with AI-generated material: By identifying AI-generated text, GLTR enables users to be cautious and aware of potential risks.

Limitations of GLTR

  • Can produce false positives: GLTR may occasionally indicate human-written content as AI-generated or vice versa, resulting in false positives.
  • Not yet able to detect all sorts of AI-generated content: While GLTR is effective in detecting AI-generated text, it may not be able to identify all variations or new techniques.
  • Unable to offer details on the precise AI model utilised to generate the content: GLTR focuses on comparing text patterns to GPT-2 117M and does not provide specific information about the underlying AI model used in content generation.

FAQs about GLTR ai Content Detector

Q: What is GLTR AI Content Detector?

A: GLTR AI Content Detector is a free web tool that helps recognise AI-generated material. It evaluates the text, giving probabilities to each word based on its chance of being created by an AI model. The text is then color-highlighted: green for the most likely AI-generated terms, followed by yellow, red, and purple for words less likely to be AI-generated.

Q: How does GLTR AI Content Detector work?

A: GLTR AI Content Detector is trained on a big dataset of AI-generated text. It analyses the input text with this dataset, giving probability to each word based on its existence in AI-generated text. The tool then highlights the text accordingly.

Q: How accurate is GLTR AI Content Detector?

A: Accuracy depends on the quality of the AI-generated text dataset it is trained on. The tool generally performs well in detecting lower-quality AI-generated writing but can be deceived by high-quality AI-generated content tailored to resemble human-written text.

Q: How can I utilize GLTR AI Content Detector?

A: To utilize GLTR AI Content Detector, put your text into the given text box on the page and click “Analyze.” The programme will instantly provide a report revealing the probability of each word being AI-generated and an overall probability for your text.

Q: What are the benefits of utilising GLTR AI Content Detector?

A: GLTR AI Content Detector helps detect hazardous or deceptive AI-generated material. It also aids in boosting the quality of your own material by finding similarities to AI-generated text and assuring compliance with Google’s rules on AI-generated content.

Q: What are the limits of GLTR AI Content Detector?

A: The biggest shortcoming of GLTR AI Content Detector is its vulnerability to high-quality AI-generated text. Additionally, it may struggle to discriminate between AI-generated writing and poorly written human-generated text.

5. ContentDetector.AI

ContentDetector.AI: Detect and Verify AI-Generated Material

ContentDetector.AI is a website 🌐 that provides users with powerful tools to detect AI-generated content. It is capable of recognizing AI content generated in ChatGPT, GPT-4, Jasper, and other AI writing tools. 🤖💡

Key Features of ContentDetector.AI:

🔍 AI Content Detector: This tool identifies AI-generated content from various AI writing tools, assigning a likelihood score to indicate its AI origin.

🔍 Plagiarism Checker: Detects plagiarism in both AI-generated and human-generated content, comparing it against a vast database of billions of web pages.

🔍 Language Detector: Identifies the language of a given text and can detect multiple languages if present.

ContentDetector.AI ensures accuracy with a high success rate, and users can try it out with a free trial before opting for a membership. 🎯✅

Benefits of using ContentDetector.AI:

Accuracy: Count on ContentDetector.AI for precise results backed by a high accuracy rate.

Reliability: Trusted by organizations and users worldwide, ContentDetector.AI is a robust technology.

Ease of use: Even if you’re not familiar with AI content detection, ContentDetector.AI offers a user-friendly interface.

Affordability: Enjoy a free trial to test ContentDetector.AI’s capabilities before making a membership commitment.

ContentDetector.AI is a valuable tool for content providers, corporations, and consumers alike, empowering them to make informed decisions about the content they use. 💼📄

Limitations of ContentDetector.AI:

⚠️ False Positives: There might be instances where ContentDetector.AI incorrectly identifies human-generated content as AI-generated, potentially impacting important decision-making regarding content usage.

⚠️ Limited Customization: ContentDetector.AI provides minimal customization options, preventing users from choosing specific AI writing tools for identification. This could be a drawback if you require recognition of content from a particular AI writing tool.

⚠️ Word Limit: ContentDetector.AI has a maximum word limit of 500, making it unsuitable for detecting AI-generated content exceeding that length.

In summary, ContentDetector.AI is a valuable tool for identifying AI-generated content. However, understanding its limitations is essential before utilization. ⚠️🧐

📢 ContentDetector.AI FAQs:

👉 How does ContentDetector.AI work?

ContentDetector.AI employs various parameters to determine if a text was generated by AI. It considers specific words and phrases commonly used by AI writing tools, text structure (e.g., bullet points and numbered lists), and overall style (e.g., passive voice and plain sentences).

👉 How reliable is ContentDetector.AI?

ContentDetector.AI claims an accuracy rate above 90%. However, it’s important to note that no AI content detector is 100% infallible. False classification of human-generated content as AI-generated is possible.

👉 What are the limits of ContentDetector.AI?

ContentDetector.AI has certain limitations, including:

  • Limited to English-language content.
  • Word limit of 500.
  • Occasional false positives, mistaking human-generated content for AI-generated.

👉 How is ContentDetector.AI different from other AI content detectors?

ContentDetector.AI stands out from other AI content detectors in a few ways:

  • More cost-effective pricing.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Free trial available for testing before purchasing a membership.

👉 Is Content Detector.AI worth using?

ContentDetector.AI is an excellent solution for those seeking a reliable and affordable AI content detector. However, it’s important to understand its limitations. For those desiring greater accuracy and reliability, exploring alternative AI content detectors may be beneficial.

6. Crossplag.ai

🔍 Crossplag AI Content Detector: Distinguishing AI-Generated Text

Crossplag AI Content Detector is a free tool that leverages advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to determine if a piece of text is generated by an AI system or a human. It is beneficial for individuals, educators, and businesses alike.

How Crossplag AI Content Detector works:

1️⃣ Perplexity: Measures the complexity of a text, with AI-generated text typically being more difficult to comprehend than human-written language. Higher perplexity indicates a greater likelihood of AI-generated content.

2️⃣ Burstiness: Assesses the distribution of words within a text. AI-generated content tends to exhibit more bursts of words, resulting in higher burstiness scores.

3️⃣ Other Linguistic Features: The tool also evaluates additional linguistic aspects, including the use of pronouns, conjunctions, and verbs.

The AI Content Detector provides a likelihood evaluation, indicating whether the content is AI-generated or human-written.

Benefits of using Crossplag AI Content Detector:

Free Utility: Accessible to anyone at no cost.

Accuracy and Reliability: Offers a high detection rate for AI-generated content, ensuring trustworthy results.

User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive interface for quick text uploading and analysis.

Promoting Academic Integrity: A valuable tool for combating plagiarism and ensuring students present their original work.


⚠️ Imperfect Identification: The AI Content Detector may occasionally misidentify AI-generated content as human-written and vice versa due to ongoing development.

⚠️ Word Limit: Limited to scanning up to 1,000 words at a time, requiring multiple scans for lengthier texts.

⚠️ Language Limitation: Currently, the AI Content Detector only supports English content.

📢 Crossplag AI Content Detector FAQs:

👉 What is Crossplag AI Content Detector?

Crossplag AI Content Detector is a free tool that employs machine learning and natural language processing to differentiate between AI-generated and human-written text. It serves individuals, educators, and businesses.

👉 How accurate is Crossplag AI Content Detector?

Accuracy depends on the length and quality of the scanned text. Generally, the tool performs better with longer and well-written content.

👉 What are the limits of Crossplag AI Content Detector?

The limitations of Crossplag AI Content Detector include:

  • Imperfect identification, occasionally misidentifying AI-generated and human-written content.
  • Word limit of 1,000 words per scan.
  • Limited language support, currently focusing on English content.

Remember, Crossplag AI Content Detector is a powerful tool, but understanding its limitations is crucial when utilizing it. 🧐⚠️

7. Copyleaks

🔍 Copyleaks: Unveiling Plagiarism with AI Power

Copyleaks is an AI-powered plagiarism checker renowned for its ability to identify various types of plagiarism, including direct copying, paraphrased content, and rephrased language. Widely used by students, researchers, and professionals, it stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust features.

🔑 Key Features of Copyleaks:

🔹 AI-Powered Plagiarism Detection: Leveraging artificial intelligence, Copyleaks detects plagiarism in a wide range of documents, such as essays, research papers, code, and creative works.

🔹 SmartText™ Plagiarism Detection: With its SmartText™ feature, Copyleaks can identify plagiarism even when the content has undergone rephrasing or rewriting, enhancing its detection capabilities.

🔹 Side-by-Side Comparison: Copyleaks enables users to compare their work side-by-side with the identified sources of plagiarism. This feature facilitates easy identification of the plagiarized sections.

🔹 Detailed Reports: Copyleaks generates comprehensive reports that highlight the similarity percentage, sources of plagiarism, and precise sections that have been copied, providing detailed insights.

🔹 Free Plan: Copyleaks offers a free plan allowing users to check up to 20 pages for plagiarism without any charges.

Pros of Copyleaks:

Accurate Plagiarism Detection: Copyleaks boasts a high accuracy rate in detecting instances of plagiarism.

User-Friendly: With its intuitive layout, Copyleaks offers a user-friendly experience, allowing users to navigate and utilize its features effectively.

Wide Range of Functions: Copyleaks provides a diverse set of capabilities, making it a comprehensive tool for plagiarism detection.

Free Plan: The availability of a free plan enables users to access basic plagiarism checking services without incurring costs.

⛔️ Cons of Copyleaks:

⛔️ Price: The pricing of Copyleaks may be considered high by some users.

⛔️ User-Friendliness: Compared to certain other plagiarism checkers, Copyleaks might have a steeper learning curve and be slightly less user-friendly.

⛔️ Feature Limitations: Copyleaks may not offer as many features as some other plagiarism detection tools available in the market.

📢 Frequently Asked Questions about Copyleaks:

How does Copyleaks work?

Copyleaks employs various techniques, including content matching, text similarity comparison, and machine learning, to identify instances of plagiarism.

How accurate is Copyleaks?

Copyleaks exhibits a high level of accuracy, with recent research indicating a detection rate of 99.1%.

What languages does Copyleaks support?

Copyleaks supports over 100 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

How much does Copyleaks cost?

Copyleaks offers different pricing tiers, starting at $19 per month.

Is Copyleaks safe to use?

Yes, Copyleaks is safe to use. It ensures data encryption and securely stores information on its servers.

What are the benefits of using Copyleaks?

Copyleaks offers benefits such as high accuracy in plagiarism detection, a user-friendly design, a wide range of capabilities, and a free plan for limited usage.

🔍 Uncover plagiarism with the power of Copyleaks! It’s an essential tool for maintaining academic integrity and ensuring originality in your work.

8. Winston AI

🚀 Winston AI: Powerful AI Content Detection Tools 🚀

Winston AI is a business that specializes in creating exceptional AI content detection tools. Their state-of-the-art software boasts an impressive 99% accuracy in detecting AI-generated text, including content generated by ChatGPT. 🤖💯

🔍 Unparalleled Plagiarism Detection Capability 🔍

Winston AI’s arsenal includes a best-in-class plagiarism detection capability, empowering users to safeguard their content against unauthorized copying. This cutting-edge feature can even identify content that has undergone significant modification. 📚🔎

👨‍🏫 Inspired by the Legends: Patrick Henry Winston 👨‍🏫

The name “Winston AI” pays homage to the legendary Patrick Henry Winston, an esteemed professor of computer science at MIT and a pioneer in AI research. His seminal work, “Artificial Intelligence,” stands as one of the most popular introductions to this fascinating field. 🎩💡

🎯 Features of Winston AI’s Software 🎯

High Accuracy: Winston AI’s program achieves an extraordinary 99% accuracy in detecting AI-generated text, ensuring minimal chances of misidentifying human-written content as AI-created. 🎯✍️

Plagiarism Detection: With their best-in-class plagiarism detection function, Winston AI enables users to identify copied content, even when it has undergone significant modification. 📖🔍

Straightforward to Use: Winston AI’s software boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Users can effortlessly upload a text file or paste text into the interface and receive a comprehensive report on their content. 📝💻

Affordable: Winston AI understands the value of accessibility. With a range of pricing levels, users can choose a plan that aligns perfectly with their needs and budget. 💰💼

⚠️ Considerations When Using Winston AI ⚠️

While Winston AI offers exceptional capabilities, it’s essential to be aware of a few potential downsides:

Limitations in Recognition: In some cases, the software may struggle to recognize well-written or updated AI-generated content, warranting extra caution. 📚🖊️

Partial Plagiarism Detection: Although highly effective, the software might not catch every instance of plagiarism, particularly when the pirated material has undergone slight modifications. 🚫🖋️

Language Limitations: The software may not be capable of detecting all AI-generated text in languages other than English. 🔡🌍

🤖 Exploring the World of AI-Generated Text 🌍

Beyond protecting against plagiarism, Winston AI’s software serves as a powerful tool for researchers seeking to delve into the intricacies of AI-generated text. It facilitates a deeper understanding of this evolving landscape. 📊🔬

🔎 How Does Winston AI Work? 🔍

Leveraging advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques, Winston AI analyzes text patterns, structures, and content to make accurate determinations regarding AI-generated writing and plagiarism. 💻📚

💡 The Benefits of Employing Winston AI 💡

High Accuracy: Enjoy peace of mind with Winston AI’s remarkable accuracy in detecting AI-generated text, minimizing the risk of overlooking potentially problematic content. 🎯🔍

Best-in-Class Plagiarism Detection: The plagiarism detection tool provided by Winston AI ensures comprehensive protection against unauthorized content copying, regardless of modifications made. 🚫🖋️

User-Friendly Interface: Winston AI’s software offers a seamless user experience, allowing users to effortlessly upload files or paste text for evaluation, with detailed reports provided. 📝💻

Affordability: Winston AI understands the importance of accessibility, providing pricing options to suit various needs and budgets. 💰💼

Is Winston AI Worth It?

Determining the worthiness of Winston AI hinges on your specific requirements. If you value protection against plagiarism and aspire to enhance your writing, Winston AI’s software is an excellent choice, offering accuracy, ease of use, and affordability. However, if you require text scanning in other languages or URL scanning options, alternative software solutions may be worth exploring. 🤔✨

9. Content at Scale

🔍 Content at Scale AI Content Detection Tool: Assess AI-generated Text 🔍

✅ The Content at Scale AI Content detection tool is a great online resource that helps users determine whether a given text was written by an AI writing tool. By assessing traits like confusion and burstiness, the program produces a score ranging from 0 to 100, indicating the possibility of the text being AI-generated. Here are some major points surrounding the tool:

Benefits of the Content at Scale AI Content Detection Tool:

🆓 Free usage: The tool is accessible at no cost for texts up to 25,000 characters. ✅ Relatively accurate: It has a stated accuracy of 90%, providing a trustworthy indication. 🎯 User-friendly: The program is clear and easy to use, requiring users to paste the text and click the “Check for AI Content” button.

Limitations of the Content at Scale AI Content Detection Tool:

⚠️ Imperfect detection: Like any AI content detector, there are cases where the tool may wrongly classify human-written text as AI-generated or vice versa. 🚫 Limited detection range: The program is designed to recognize text written by specified AI writing tools, barring others from detection.

FAQs regarding the Content at Scale AI Content Detection Tool:

❓ How does the tool work?

🅰️ The program analyzes particular text features like perplexity (the possibility of random word sequence production) and burstiness (word repetition frequency) to determine the likelihood of AI generation.

❓ What is the accuracy of the tool?

🅰️ The Content at Scale AI Content detecting technology is relatively accurate, with a stated accuracy of 90%. However, no AI content detector can approach complete accuracy.

❓ How can I utilize the tool?

🅰️ Simply copy and paste the text you desire to examine into the input box and click the “Check for AI Content” button. The program will then produce a score reflecting the possibility of AI-generated material.

❓ Can the accuracy of the tool be improved?

🅰️ Yes, there are numerous techniques to boost the accuracy of the Content at Scale AI Content detection tool, including supplying more training data, enhancing algorithms, and analyzing contextual aspects.

❓ Where can I obtain additional information about the tool?

🅰️ For further information about the Content at Scale AI Content detector tool, visit the Content at Scale website at https://contentatscale.ai/ai-content-detector/.

Remember, while the Content at Scale AI Content detection tool is a great resource, it’s crucial to recognize its limitations and take caution in interpreting its results.

10. Kazan SEO

🔍 Kazan SEO AI Content Detector: Identify AI-Generated Material 🔍

🔧 The Kazan SEO AI Content Detector is a handy tool within the Kazan SEO toolset that helps users recognize AI-generated material. Here is some pertinent information regarding the tool:

💡 Usage: The Kazan SEO AI Content Detector is user-friendly and free to use. Simply paste the text into the editor window and click the “Detect AI Content” button for analysis.

🌟 Features: The tool utilizes different ways to detect AI-generated text, including measuring perplexity (predictability) and burstiness (word distribution). It also analyzes additional text properties including sentence length, punctuation usage, and specific keywords.

Benefits: The tool is especially useful for long papers since it may detect AI-generated information distributed among numerous paragraphs. It delivers a percentage score indicating the possibility of the material being AI-generated.

🚫 Limitations: While the Kazan SEO AI Content Detector is a great resource, it has several limits. It may not always be correct, occasionally misidentifying human-written text as AI-generated or failing to recognize AI-generated information. It is primarily designed to detect content generated by large language models (LLMs), such as GPT-3, and may not detect other types of AI-generated content. Additionally, it does not disclose details about the precise AI model utilized to generate the material.

🔍 Here are some FAQs linked to the Kazan SEO AI Content Detector:

Q: How does the Kazan SEO AI Content Detector work?

🅰️ A: The tool evaluates several aspects of the text, such as perplexity and burstiness, to recognize AI-generated content. It also evaluates other aspects including sentence length, punctuation, and specific keywords.

Q: How accurate is the Kazan SEO AI Content Detector?

🅰️ A: The accuracy of the tool depends on criteria such as text length, the AI model utilized for generation, and the quality of training data. Generally, it is more accurate for shorter texts and similar AI models employed during training.

Q: What are the limits of the Kazan SEO AI Content Detector?

🅰️ A: Limitations include occasional mistakes, the inability to detect all sorts of AI-generated content, and the lack of detailed information on the AI model used to generate the content.

🔐 It is crucial to note that while the Kazan SEO AI Content Detector is a useful tool for identifying AI-generated material, it should not be depended upon as the sole means of checking the validity of written content.


To protect against unethical usage of generative AI and its associated hazards, companies should consider adopting an AI detector tool. This technology helps detect AI-generated material and allows enterprises to make informed judgements.

It’s crucial to find a tool that meets their needs and be prepared for continual changes as generative AI technology improves. By utilising an AI detector, enterprises may prevent against compromised educational experiences and potential data breaches.

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